Everlasting Love (Alternative Lyrics)

1. I walk with you under darkening skies

I have no fear knowing you’re by my side

Your hand in mine to show me the way

I will rejoice love has found me today (Everlasting Love)


Open up your eyes and you’ll realize

Coming from the skies everlasting love

Always by your side, there to be your guide

Never be denied everlasting love

From the very start, open up your heart

Be a lasting part everlasting love

Praise my very soul, never let me go

You have made me whole everlasting love

True love will last forever, True love will last forever

2. Love does not boast it is patient and kind

Always forgives and endures for all time

All that we know, will be ended one day

But love sweet love never will go away (Everlasting Love)


3. Ooh___________________ (two lines)

Love takes no pride in sorrow or blame

Its joy is truth; love’s eternal flame (Everlasting Love)