Thanet Community Gospel Choir

We’re a community choir and we aim to be inclusive. We’re always trying to grow the choir and we welcome singers and musicians of all levels of experience. Reading music is an advantage but we do learn the songs by ear. You need to be able to sing or play your part while others are performing different parts along with you. However you will be helped to learn your part in a very supportive and friendly setting. Over the years many young people have joined us, developed their skills and gone on to do great things, musically. There are also plenty of people who have stayed with us and continue to grow with the choir.

We’re serious about our music but we also find time to have fun. When we’re learning new material it can feel challenging but also satisfying when we turn in a great performance. We do enjoy our time together and do our best to make newcomers feel welcome. Many of us frequently meet informally and socially.

If you’re interested in joining, you can come along to a number of rehearsals with no obligation. We’ll lend you some music and you can try out with us until a decision is made. If you play an instrument, we may be able to help you learn your parts, if required. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Contact us at via our contact form or look at the FAQs if you would like to know more

Joining Thanet Community Gospel Choir

We meet every Thursday 7.30pm till 9pm

Newington Free Church

St Johns Avenue

Ramsgate CT12 6JD