Thanet Community Gospel Choir

About Thanet Community Gospel Choir

Formed in 2010, we’re a mixed community choir and instrumental group specialising in traditional gospel music and the popular music that draws its inspiration from gospel music. 

The earliest gospel songs were not written down. Singers and musicians would learn them by ear and different versions of the same songs would be performed by different communities, reflecting their own unique talents and capabilities. In this respect early gospel music is like folk music. Our interest lies in the influence this music had on later popular styles from blues, ragtime and jazz into rock, R&B and soul; an influence that continues to this day.

Our repertoire draws on that tradition and our arrangements of classic and modern songs are created to suit our own personnel. As members come and go from our group we adapt and change our songs to suit the people we have to perform them. We’re constantly growing our repertoire to include religious and popular songs both old and new. 

As leader of Thanet Community Gospel Choir my aim is to bring together two of my favourite musical disciplines: harmony singing and performing popular music. Gospel music is the perfect synthesis of these disciplines. All of our songs explore themes such as triumph over adversity, equality, freedom, justice, hope, redemption and salvation. These are heavy themes; I make no apology for that. Many of the songs we sing are regarded as classics and will be well known. All of them are very uplifting for performers and audiences. That is why we sing. You can find our current repertoire on the music store page.

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