Thanet Community Gospel Choir

If you play an instrument there’s also no requirement to read music. However you need to have some musical knowledge or experience to facilitate your playing in a band.

As a band, we work together in rehearsal and create the accompaniments to suit the players we have. Guitarists, bass and keyboard players are usually happy to create their parts from the chord sequences. Some of the songs do have written out piano parts which could be used by a pianist or organist.

We would love to have more brass and woodwind and there’s always an opportunity to add intros, solos and filler parts for wind instruments. If you’re confident to create these yourself that’s great; if not, they can be created for you. People playing melody instruments generally do read music and there is an advantage to this but, if you feel you can play without the music, that’s fine.

Drums and percussion are also essential to our sound. There are no written parts for drums or percussion but they used on almost every song. We would love to grow this section of the choir.

Whatever instrument you play there’s probably a place for you in the choir. You will need to have your own instrument plus any associated equipment (stand/amplifier) and a means of transporting it to venues. If you have experience playing in a group or feel that you’re ready to start playing in a group then you should give it a try. There’s no audition as such and help can be given according to the level of your skill. After a few “trial” sessions we can decide together if the choir’s right for you.

The last thing to say about joining the choir is money. It does cost money because we have to hire premises, pay insurance and other running costs. Currently subscriptions are £10 per month.

If you want to learn more about joining the choir you can contact us or just turn up to a rehearsal and have a listen.