Thanet Community Gospel Choir

Do I need to read music?
No. We learn all our songs by ear and have recordings to help us learn them. It will help if you do read music as we do use musical scores. Most of the singers don’t read music but everyone learns at least some basic information from the score such as when (and when not) to sing, the lyrics and the type of singing (high/low, fast/slow). That’s why we use scores.
Is this a religious group?
No. We’re not connected to any church. The premises where we rehearse are simply a venue that we pay to use. We do not pursue any religious agenda with our performances and we sing a mixture of gospel and popular songs (about 50/50). We love gospel music because it’s uplifting and we love the other music that we sing because that’s uplifting, also.
Do I have to pay to join?
Yes but you can try out for a few weeks with no obligation. Subs will be collected at the beginning of each term. We will usually expect a commitment at the beginning of a new term. These are September, January and April. Subs are currently £40 per term. There is no discount for missed sessions.
Do I have to buy music?
No. The music is free but you will need to access the internet and print it out. You’ll need a ring binder to keep it in. You’ll also need to provide an email address where instructions for accessing the music (and other information) can be sent.
Is there a uniform/outfit I need?
For performances we all wear red tops and black trousers/skirts etc. No ties. It’s quite informal but smart and uniform in appearance. In the summer T-shirts and shorts are fine if you feel comfortable with them.
I play an instrument but I don’t know all these songs. What can I do?
We’ll help you to learn them. You may start out just playing in a few songs. We can use recordings, videos and extra sessions just for instruments. If you’re an aspiring musician, this is a great opportunity to develop your skills and gain experience in a friendly and supportive setting. If you’re an experienced musician, this is a great way to give back to the community and showcase your talents to a wider audience.
I don’t know what voice I am. What should I do?
We sing in three parts: high, middle and low. It’s close harmony so the high voice is not too high and the low voice is not too low. Females generally take the high or middle voice parts and males the low part but there are always exceptions. By coming along to a few sessions, we can determine which part you should aim to sing.
Is there an audition?
No. We’re inclusive and will do our best to accommodate you. You’ll need to come along to a few, no obligation, try-out sessions and this will help us all to decide if the choir is right for you.
Is the rehearsal venue difficult to get to?
No. The 34 bus stops right outside and there’s plenty of parking. If you use the bus, getting home can be a problem but you should be able to get a lift with someone. If you are in this situation, please contact me before attending.
I have a question not listed here
Please contact us via our web form and we will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions